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Location of Orangeville

Town of Orangeville celebrates history and strives to build strong community spirit.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

5 Reasons You'll HATE it:

The vibe

It’s a destination all in itself – a place where the sights, sounds and tastes converge giving big city vibes…without the overcrowding.

the water

Orangeville municipal water is groundwater from aquifers. As a result, this produces “hard” water due to the high mineral content present in the water. You’ll want to make sure to get a water softener right away.


An impressive collection of locally owned restaurants, cafes, pubs, bakeries, and food shops create a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.


While Orangeville does have it’s own transit system it lacks connection to major centres.

nature lovers paradise

Surrounded by kilometres of breathtaking conservation there are plenty of outdoor adventures to enjoy. 

limited shopping

With the recent renovations to the  Orangeville mall there are more options for shopping, but many still find themselves having to travel to the city for a wider variety.


A diverse and friendly community filled with rich history and charm with plenty of community events throughout the year.


Due to the higher elevation and different lake effects mean colder temperatures and more snow accumulation than you may be used to.


The atmosphere of living in a small town without sacrificing access to the GTA. Just 45 minutes to Mississauga & Newmarket and only 25 minutes to Brampton.

high taxes

Orangeville has made the top 10 cities in Ontario for the highest property taxes coming in at number 10, and has the highest property tax rate in Dufferin County.

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